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Tools to improve your online marketing campaign

One of the most frequently asked questions probably is: “What online marketing tools to use?” Below you’ll find a list of present day tools. Some of these tools are mainly for SEO use, but they all come in handy for every website owner.

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3 Tips to Reduce Booking Abandonment on Your Hotel Website

Hotels can invest hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each month driving traffic to their website. But if your website isn’t optimized to drive direct bookings, then all that time and money is wasted.

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HTTP vs HTTPS: The Difference And Everything You Need To Know

Why is it so important that you switch over to HTTPS? What even is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS? The following guide will give you a much better understanding of HTTP vs HTTPS in general.

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Could Google become a dominant force in hospitality?

Google, whose mantra used to be ‘Don’t be evil’ (until it dropped it for the motto ‘Do the right thing’), is almost omnipresent in our lives these days. We use it for all sorts of online searches, whether it’s trying to access arcane information or find our way from A to B.
So could Google become a dominant force in hospitality?

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How to combat OTAs & drive direct hotel bookings

Let’s face it, the OTAs are not getting any smaller. Online travel agent (OTA) bookings have steadily increased at the expense
 of hotels, taking advantage of a thriving digital travel market
 to strengthen their position and impose conditions in exchange for increased exposure – including 15% -25% commissions. Understandably, hotels prefer direct bookings.

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