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Online Sales and Marketing


Building and developing hotel homepage

Discusses the structure, content and design of a hotel homepage.

What and how to administrate and develop homepage after its completed. Practical examples of different “strong” and “weak” home pages. Concrete actions, the hotel can implement next day.


Homepage functionality and design


  • Important components of homepage building
  • Pictures, videos and texts, how to choose and write
  • “Good” and “Bad” examples of hotel home pages
  • How to make the visitor to buy?
  • Homepage design template or tailor made solutions, differences, how to choose?
  • Different content management systems for home pages (CMS)


How to make the hotel homepage interactive?


  •  What to update, when to update, how to update on the homepage
  •  Offers on the homepage – to whom, what and when?
  •  Analyzing customer behaviour with Google Analytics. Influencing customer behavior on the homepage.


Diversity of technology, what to have in mind in homepage building and development


  • How clients view the hotel homepage?
  • Different operational systems, browsers, screens, smart phones, tablets – how to use different technologies in home page development

Sales and marketing of hotel homepage

Discusses the ways to increase hotel homepage unique visitors. How to optimize the page for search engines, how and where to advertise on the internet, using Facebook as a sales and marketing tool, planning sales and marketing based on homepage statistics analyze.


How clients find the hotel homepage?


  • How to increase quality visits to the homepage?
  • Organic optimization or SEO
  • Paid advertising, AdWords, banners
  • The role of linking




  • Facebooks role in supporting homepage sales
  • Why to have a hotel FB account?
  • Developing FB community for the hotel
  • What, to whom and when to post?


Homepage statistics analyze


  • What, why and how to monitor in Google Analytics – general vs. Customer behavior vs. Detailed statistics
  • How to make conclusions and use the results of analyze