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4 Essentials of Your Book Direct Strategy

A good book direct strategy is near the top of most hotelier’s list this year. Competition in the hospitality industry is at an all-time high, and it is only going to get fiercer. Hotels need to be doing everything they can to optimise their online presence…

Facebook or Linkedin

Facebook ? LinkedIn!

If company wants to increase awareness or put effort to online marketing then first choice is mostly the Facebook.
Maybe you should seriously reconsider it, why to put money or effort to website what is created to improve the communication between schoolmates.

Data storage concept illustration

10 Web design trends for 2015

Let’s make a peek at web design trends for 2015. There are 10 elements to think about when ordering a new webpage to your hotel.   1. Longer scrolling sites Most new site designs published today tend to be longer in length when scrolling through the…


Europe’s hoteliers say ‘no’ to

In response to’s offer to loosen rate parity requirements for hotels, HOTREC, the umbrella association for hotels in Europe, says the offer does not go far enough and want’s to restore complete entrepreneurial freedom for hoteliers to set their pricing – including their own…


80% of hotel bookers watch online videos

Google Traveler Study 2014  reveals why multi-screen marketing is vital for hotels – Mobile is important throughout the entire shopping journey with 75% of leisure travelers switching between devices to complete planning and booking. Being optimized for smartphones and tablets shouldn’t be a back burner initiative…

SEO in 2014

2014 SEO ranking factors

SearchMetrics announced their 2014 SEO ranking factors study. Search Engine Land has done good overview of it what we would like to introduce to you.   The key for 2014 is: Content is now truly the king. High ranking URL’s have more text and more media…


TripAdvisor as hotel nr1 Marketing tool

There have been many years of talks that soon the user-generated content, WEB2 , will be more than just an entertainment. In Travel Industry, I can say for sure, that this has arrived already long ago. Word of mouth is the King! Only marketing that…


10 signs showing you need a new homepage

The client is changing its ways of searching for information, technology is changing, design trends are changing, social media and community interaction are changing. This all is shaping how the homepages should look and function. Here are the 10 signs to consider that indicate you…


Hotel marketing budget for 2013

Resently Starwood announced that they would be spending 75% of its marketing budget ONLINE. 2/3 of customers buy hotels ONLINe – time to spend 75% off the marketing budget for ONLINE markteting as well. What are the TOP 6 activities your ONLINE marketing budget 2013…


Promoted Hotels in Google Hotel Finder

In Google Hotel Finder there is an opportunity to search hotels by location, price, rating and it also present hotel photos and customer comments from different sources. Hotel price is presented from different OTA´s with link to book this hotel. From customer point of view,…

eDream BOOKING engine for hotel website

eDream Hotels and Micros Nordic co-operation

Micros Nordic and eDream Hotels have teamed up to bring a new hotel homepage online booking engine to Nordic market.   Over 38% of travel services in Nordic countries and Western Europe are sold online in 2011 (European Travel Commission New Media Trend Watch). The…


Is your hotel website profitable?

There is a direct correlation between profitability and the quality of the hotel’s website. Bad websites can lead to lower occupancy levels and impact on the business’ bottom line.   Web online booking has become a key expectation of potential hotel guests, and the booking…


eDream Hotels entered Polish market!

In late April will be opened a new hotel and spa in Sopot, Poland – Mera Hotel & Spa.   We have delivered work: Design and build of the website The hotel is using eDream Hotels booking engine Room booking is available from 27th…

online travel agency versus own web

Hotels Revenue Opportunities for 2012

Latest Research Results show that the web was involved in 85% travel purchases, either in the research phase, or for actual bookings.   For hoteliers the web has become major information and sales channel and the real revenue increase or decrease opportunities for 2012 are…

.COM domain or .EE

Reminder for Hotelier

Metric Goal Served Reason Visits, Unique Visitors Brand awareness Visits, sessions, unique visitors and similar metrics count the volume of traffic a site receives. They help identify when customers come to the site and whether various marketing activities increase awareness of the hotel’s brand. Bounce…


Booking engine for hotel home page

With the growth of the travel services sales in the Internet hotels are looking to build/update their home page and start converting direct bookings from it by using a home page booking engine. Having a hotel home page booking engine drives business from the Internet…

Brand, Price or Reviews

Brand, Price or Reviews ?

When it comes to online hotel bookings, only price is more important than hotel reviews.

A research company Wecredible made research where they polled 1000 online users between December 2010 and May 2011 on topic what would make them more likely to book a holiday online.
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online travel agency versus own web

Real costs of Online Travel Agencies

Dear Hoteliers,
have you ever calculated what are the real sum of commissions and mark up what you pay for online travel agencies in year?

For example if you have hotel with 100 rooms, average selling rate is 100 € and yearly average occupancy is 50 %.
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Manage online reputation

Manage your online reputation!

A 2011 TripAdvisor survey revealed 99% of hotels plan to respond to customer reviews on the various review channels available today.
The actual situation is that last year only 7% of hotels responded to negative reviews. What is
a very small number..