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Martin Orav Say’s

As in our everyday conversation, e-mails and publications we are using different terms that might be confusing or misleading for our audience, we decided to launch a new section „Martin Orav says“ , where our IT support Martin Orav explanes most frequenly asked questions and terms such as what is widgets, RSS Feed and many more…

You are more than welcome to send us your terms questions.


What is Java?

Java is the base for virtually every type of networked application and is the global standard for developing mobile applications, games, Web-based content and other commercial software. Not to be confused with JavaScript.

You need to keep your computer’s Java updated in order to see websites working correctly.

What is Java

What is Flash?

Flash (incl. Adobe Flash) is a programme which enables to create multi-media files such as animations, games, websites and applications in mobile devices.

To see a flash media file in your computer, you need to have Adobe Flash Player installed into your computer/device.

Flash could be part of the HTML website and sometimes all the website is in Flash format.

17 years ago published Flash gained a huge popularity but for now the programme is out of date. This is the reason whay Adobe itself has announced that they are developing further only the newest multi-media technology HTML 5.


You should know…

… that there is no Flash Player for Apple devices (iPad, iPhone), so the websites that are done in Flash version are unavailable for  iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch owners.

For Heavy users there are of course some back doors and special APIs to see flash content in their devices. Also Windows Phone users who are using Internet Explorer 8 or 9 browser can’t see the Flash content.

Adobe Flash

What is HTML?

HTML ia a web language (code) what makes texts, pictures, and links visible in web browser.

HTML code

What is RSS feed?

RSS feed (Rich Site Summary) enables you to import information from source page without visiting that page. For hotel websites it is a good way to present local events or local news on your page. Source page updates are automatically displayed on your website when using RSS feed import.

RSS feed icon

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