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WordPress CMS


eDream Hotels website design – unique and creative solutions with special attention paid to the individuality of the hotel.

eDream Hotels develope the websites on freeware full functional WordPress CMS which is an open international standard developed globally and used widely across the globe




WordPress Content Management System  functionalities:

  • Multilingual
  • Main menu + submenus as many as needed
  • Homepage language corresponding to Internet browser language that the page visitor uses
  • Search engine optimization readiness – URL´s, Titles, Descriptions, Keywords etc
  • TripAdvisor integration to read and write reviews
  • Sitemap and XML sitemap
  • Virtual Tours and video can be embedded to content
  • Full page picture gallery pictures can be grouped based on product
  • Join, leave mailinglist functionality integrated to Mailchimp program
  • Homepage loading speed optimization
  • 301 redirect module – old homepage URL´s redirected to new ones
  • 404 error page not found – not showing error but brings to to first page
  • Allows to manage all texts, pictures, banners etc on the page by the hotel
  • BOOK and Request for Proposal buttons with link- manageable links from CMS, can be added to all pages
  • Tooltips and hoovers – manageble from CMS
  • Form development module – create easily different contact forms
  • RSS feed for local events integration
  • Social media share and like options on every page
  • Search on page functionality
  • Large background image outomatic escalation
  • Google PDF viewer – to upload and view menues etc.
  • Text and pictures in 2 or 3  colums
  • Special offer banners manageble from CMS
  • Special offers grouping option by themes like Spa, Conference, Accommodation etc.
  • Conference rooms facility finder
  • Google Analytics measurement tool


 WordPress is the most powerful and state of art website content management system!