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Your Guide to be Successful in Online Sales


How customer finds your hotel webpage?


  • Have you done SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your hotel webpage?

Hotel front page and subpages should be optimized in all webpage languages (including special offers and pictures).

  • All advertisement and social media links should lead to your webpage.
  • TripAdvisor Business Listing + TripConnect

TripAdvisor Business Listing gives you opportunity to
add link to your own webpage, add special offers, make
picture slideshow and get statistics.

TripAdvisor TripConnect – gives you possibility to add
link to your own booking engine (pay per click).

Or if you don’t want to do TripAdvisor Business Listing
you can join TripAdvisor Instant Booking – add to your
TripAdvisor account the direct link to your booking
engine and you will pay per stay.





  • Make your own Google accounts: Google Maps, Google My Business, Google+, the last one you can
    do under Google My Business account.
  • Have an active Facebook page, where you post your offers, news about hotel and make sure you also
    have BOOK NOW button there.

If you have done all this, assign a person who will keep it up to date and active. Always answer to customer comments.


Customer has found your webpage – how to make him buy?



  • Responsive design –make sure your webpage opens correctly in desktop, ipad and smart phones.

Did you know that 85% of people who search travel information uses mobile device at some point. Therefore, your webpage and booking engine should open correctly in all devices.

  • Add Google Map and your hotel location to the webpage (is it seaside hotel, city centre hotel etc).
  • Add special offers section to front page and make special offers. Make attractive offers, for example, offers for early bookers, for family, romantic getaway etc.


  • Show the pricing level – clients would like to see “from” prices.
  • Under special offers have “BOOK NOW” buttons with promotional code, then you can be sure client will see in the booking engine correct package right away.
  • Do you have “BOOK NOW” button on the
    • room pages?
    • under each special offer?
    • if you have booking window or “Book now” button, it should be on the front page and on the subpages.
  • Correct pricing structure in all online channels. YOUR WEBPAGE SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE THE BEST PRICE – better than in etc.


  • Add to your booking window a sentence: ALWAYS THE BEST RATE and make a subpage to your webpage where you explain what it means. “Always the best rate” – make it short and clear.
  • Give something extra to the ones who book directly from your webpage (for example a fruit basket, a bottle of sparkling wine etc).
  • You should have the opportunity to change your prices in all online channels at the same time.



  • Update your webpage – make new pictures once in a while, add new seasonal offers, menus. Do it on your webpage and in etc.
  • Collect emails through your webpage and send direct offers to the ones who are already interested of your news.
  • Does your webpage have integration with Google Analytics? Use Google Analytics possibilities and get useful statistics.
  • You can add “Pop up banners” to your webpage with offers you want to promote.

Customer in your booking engine – buying process.


  • Keep availability – make sure you will have the last room availability in your webpage booking engine.
  • Always have THE SAME special offers and packages in booking engine as on your webpage.
  • Add extra services to your booking engine. You should have at least 3 extra services.
  • Offer pre-payment prices in your booking engine. Prepayment prices should be the cheapest ones.


Order is done, customer is coming to hotel


  • Upgrade your client who did booking from your webpage to better room if possible.
  • Give a coupon during check out process or give something extra/discount when doing next
    reservation through your webpage booking engine.
  • Collect emails and send personal email / customer satisfaction survey after spending a night in your
    • NB! After stay, you can send the email from TripAdvisor or through different email programs.



Download the PDF version of eDream Hotels Check-list!