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Mobile Hotel Booking Engine


According to latest statistics, HOTELS who use eDream Hotels BOOKING engine, receive up to 25 % of the reservations via Mobile Devices.


Mobile Hotel Booking Engine


  • eDream Hotels online BOOKING Engine is optimized to work well in TABLETS.


  • Trend of looking up information via mobile devices is growing rapidly,  which is clearly shown by 36% of customers who are searching hotels through mobile device. To make the booking process more convenient eDream Hotels has developed for mobiles (Smartphones) special hotel booking engine.



Smartphone Solutions is included in the price !


Mobile hotel booking engine

Hotel booking engine for mobiles






Pick up your mobile, Smartphone and check the live demo booking.


Demo Booking



Mobile as a search, research and purchase channel in travel has grown year-on-year. Hotels must be active in the mobile because this is where where the consumer chooses to interact.

Currently 25% of bookings are made by mobile devices and this trend is growing. Mobile channel is not shifting desktop bookings, bookings made by mobile devices is pure incremental growth and mainly last minute bookings. Mostly made in last minute, the mobile device bookings are very valuable for hotels as they usually have higher average value.


Mobile devices are devided by tablets and Smartphones as tablets have already become an important force in bookings as costumers use them to shop with comfort and convenience around the home (as well as on the go). According to research 52% of tablet users by online.


As 98% of Smartphone owners are mobile internet users, next big increase are expected in bookings volume made via mobile phones. Customers prefer to book via mobile hotel booking engine version, as its more convinient and quicker process.