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Statistics & Support


eDream Hotels BOOKING engine gives an opportunity for hotels to measaure clients whole booking process.

  • Google Analytics or any other measurement tracking tool can be attached
  • Conversion rate – number of BOOKINGS versus number of visitors
  • REVENUE and bookings by COUNTRY
  • Number of BOOKINGS, average value of bookings
  • Revenue and bookings by DEVICE like Tablets and Smartphones
  • Whole booking process in FUNNEL
  • Tracking the booking engine refferals
  • Ongoing support and help by eDream Hotels team
  • Bookings and by revenue by device
  • Lead time
  • Rate codes and products what have been sold
  • Bookings by room type
  • Extra services revenue
  • Upselling revenue
  • Number of cancellations and cancellation reasons analyze
  • Days to Bookings
  • Number of RETURNING bookers


Get to know, how your hotel customers act in booking engine